Manufacturing Execution Systems

Enterprise-level integration

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) connect and integrate the critical parts of your operation—plants, sites, equipment, controllers, business applications, vendor information and more. This type of enterprise-level software solution gives you the power to control quality and efficiency like never before by building it directly into the manufacturing process.

MES systems can help you:

–align production
–improve productivity
–streamline tracking and reporting
–reduce human error

CID provides cohesive plant floor integration for enterprise systems (ERP) and MES data. The result: seamless execution of production, consumption, inventory tracking, genealogy, and performance.

Adapt, innovate, improve

CID’s MES solutions offer a mechanism for planning, executing and measuring your plant’s production and performance. An well-designed MES system streamlines information flow, automates functions, and delivers the right information to the right people at the right time.

Here’s what an MES system can do for you:

  • synchronize manufacturing across multiple plants
  • track product and product orders in real time
  • Send manufacturing instructions to personnel on the plant floor
  • Report transactions to financial and planning systems
  • Check data
  • Monitor yields 
  • Automatically enforce specifications, processes and procedures
  • Identify and resolve issues with real-time feedback 
  • Provide traceability (unit, lot, or batch)
  • Eliminate paperwork
  • Model and design complex processes